Three Tips For Keeping Cats And Dogs Calm During A Move

Cats and dogs are animals of habit, and they can get just as stressed out as their human companions when moving from one home to another because the activity disrupts their normal routine. To prevent your pets from causing problems during a move and to minimize their stress, here are three ways to keep them calm. Find a Nice Quiet Spot One way to keep pets calm and stop them from getting underfoot is to put them in a room as far away from the activity as possible.

Six Ways to Prevent Accidents and Other Issues When Driving a Moving Truck

If you've decided to rent a moving truck rather than hire a moving company, then you might have some concerns about driving it. After all, the average moving truck is a lot larger than your standard, everyday vehicle -- even if you drive a pickup. Here are a few tips to help ensure you (and your possessions) get to your destination safely. Bring a friend along. When you're focusing on driving a truck you're not used to, you don't want to also have to keep an eye out for street signs or figure out how far away your exit is.