4 Features To Look For In An RV Storage Facility

Buying a recreational vehicle is a big investment, so if you don't have room to store an RV on your property, you need to invest as much time and research into finding a great storage facility as you did when buying your RV. You should properly protect your investment. Here are four features you should look for in an RV storage facility.

Reasonable Access

Finding a place to store your RV isn't helpful if you can't access it when you need it. Before committing to a storage facility, be sure to ask about the hours of operation so you can ensure they're going to fit with your needs. Ideally, you should be able to access your vehicle 365 days a year at reasonable hours during the day. Although a 24-hour a day facility would be optimal, it may not be possible. You should at least look for one that has evening access if you're most likely to need access after regular work hours.


Obviously, when you're looking for a storage option, you want something that's secure. There are several levels of security, however. If your storage facility is in a more rural area without much traffic, you might have fewer security needs than a storage facility in a highly trafficked urban area. Any facility should at least have adequate fencing and restricted access, whether that's a locked gate or a gate and security guard.


Weather and exposure will wear down your RV fast. If possible, fully enclosed storage facilities are the very best option. If that's not available near you, a covered storage option is the next best thing. Keeping moisture off the roof is very important, but preventing long UV exposure might be even more essential because it can break down the materials on your RV. Of course, the level of protection you want will affect the amount you pay for storage. For example, uncovered outdoor lots may charge as little as $30 a month, while a fully enclosed and climate-controlled unit may cost $450 or more per month.


Finally, you'll be more likely to use your RV regularly if you're able to store it at a facility within easy distance of your home. A good location within a 10-20 minute drive is best. Although it may be tempting to choose a location that's less convenient because it charges less per month, it's better to splurge for a closer location if you can afford it.