5 Tips To Ensure A Fast Move

Want your upcoming move to take as little time as possible on your moving day? If so, you should follow these tips that will help speed up the process. 

Hire Professional Help

Don't make the mistake of tackling a move on your own when you have professional movers as an option. You'll find that professional movers will not only get the job done faster than you would with you and your friends but will get the job done right. This includes everything from packing the truck to how they lift large furniture. You're not just paying for their manual labor, but their knowledge about moving as well.

Pack Early

You'll want to get ahead of the packing process by starting early. If you wait too long until your moving day to get things done, you are going to end up with things that still need to be packed as your movers arrive. Do the packing in advance by tackling it by packing a few boxes every night, and your home will be packed up before you know it.

Purge What You Don't Need 

One thing that slows down a move is simply moving all of your stuff. That is why it is worth pairing down your belongings so that you are taking as little with you as possible. You can donate, sell, recycle, or trash anything that you do not want to take with you. There are even groups online where you can advertise the items that you are giving away for free and you'll quickly find someone to pick them up for you.

Be Organized

Keeping boxes organized is key to the unloading process. Rather than list boxes of the room they came from, list the room that they will be going into at your new home. This will help the movers know where to take items so that there is no confusion, and you will not be shuffling boxes around later. Some people even like to use color-coded stickers so they can just slap them on the box when they are taped shut, which makes them quick and easy to identify without having to read handwriting. 

Stage Your Items

Want to make the move go really fast? Consider staging boxes in an easy-to-reach place for the movers to get to them. It involves some manual labor on your part, but it will really help speed things up. For example, you may want to place the boxes in your garage so that you can just open the garage door and they are all ready to load onto the truck. 

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