Why You Should Hire Professionals For Your Fine Art Delivery

If you have recently purchased some fine art either online or at a local art gallery, the biggest concern you have right now is how you'll get the piece delivered safely to your home. Whether your fine art piece is a small framed painting or a large sculpture, all it takes is one mishap and the one-of-a-kind and often pricey piece can be destroyed.

It's always in your best interest to purchase insurance on any art piece you buy so you can have repairs made if something were to happen. In addition, you should consider fine art delivery specialists to assist you as well. Learn why you should hire professionals to do your fine art delivery.

You have added insurance for your piece

A qualified fine art delivery services company will have their own insurance and may even be licensed and bonded, which further protects you as their customer if something were to happen to your fine art piece during delivery. If you have a larger piece that is heavy or difficult to move, this added assurance is even more necessary. Choose a fine art delivery services company that can show you upfront what their protection offers are for customers and their works.

You have professionals to move your piece

A fine art delivery includes the moving and transport of your fine art piece from its original destination to where you want the piece placed in its new location. These professionals wear gloves and use other protective equipment to keep your piece free of blemishes during the moving process. If the fine art piece you have recently purchased is especially heavy, has to travel a long distance, or is going to be moved up a flight of stairs during transport, it's wise to trust a professional fine art delivery specialist to assist you.

You have professionals with the right vehicles for transport

Fine art delivery includes the transportation of the piece in a safe vehicle. The vehicles used to move your fine art are often padded or have compartments for holding fine art pieces and are climate and temperature-controlled as well. This way, whether you are moving a glass piece or a large interactive piece, you can have the right transport to ensure it gets where it needs to be with no light, moisture, or heat damage.

Get a quote from a fine art delivery services company to see what transporting your piece will cost. Mileage is a big factor in cost, so keep this in mind as you plan the delivery of your fine art piece. Contact a fine art delivery service to learn more.