What to Expect When You Hire a Packing Service

Moving to a new house is listed as one of 10 most stressful life events, so when it is time to shift from one residence to the next, anything that makes this chore easier must be welcomed with open arms. Using a packing service is one way to reduce the list of tasks you must do to get ready for the move, but you must have accurate expectations about what a packing service can and cannot do. Therefore, before you go ahead and book a packing service for your next relocation, keep these pointers in mind.

What a Packing Service Does

The simplest way to explain a packing service is that they take your belongings and pack them into boxes for you. Your first step to getting a quote is to call your local packing service and discuss how many rooms need to be packed up. You may want the service to pack your whole home or you may require them just to pack specific rooms. Some rooms take longer than others because of the number  of belongings they have in them. Your kitchen, garage, and bathroom are all examples of these.

On the booked packing day, the packing service sends its staff to your home to begin the packing process. You'll provide the packing materials needed such as boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape. Some packing services have an affiliation with a packing supplies organization, so if you purchase your materials from that supplier you receive a discount. The packing service packs up each room and leaves the labeled boxes in the room for collection by the movers.

What a Packing Service Doesn't Do

As mentioned above, packing services might not bring packing materials with them, so these must be in your home ready for their use. Additionally, packing services are not cleaners so they do not clean cupboards or drawers after they are emptied. However, once the packing service has completed their job, it is then easy for a cleaner or yourself to move through the empty house to clean up.

Additionally, a packing service might not move furniture or the boxes they have packed. This is the job of your movers. Of course, once the movers place the labeled boxes in the correct room of the new home, your packing service can come and unpack the contents for you if you wish. Overall, you'll need to understand whether the movers complete the entire project or just the moving and lifting parts.

A packing service frees up hours of your time to concentrate on other details related to your house move, so give them a call and see how easy your next move can be.