Which Type Of Moving Day Packing Service Is Right For You?

When it comes to hiring a full-service moving company, you can choose from a host of different services to make your move easier. Packing and unpacking services can relieve you of a big moving task, but you'll want to know which kind of packing services are right for you. Here some options to discuss with your movers.

Full-Service Packing

Full-service packing handles virtually all of the organizing, wrapping, folding, and boxing tasks that need to be completed when you pack. This option is ideal if you are short on time or if you simply don't want to deal with the hassle of packing. Your full-service moving company can handle all the details, right down to labeling your boxes. Your movers should bring boxes and packing supplies for this option, but you will need to be present to handle any questions or concerns that might pop up. For more information, contact a full service moving company.

Fragile-Only Packing

Fragile-only packing includes the packing of dishes, antiques, artwork, and other items you might be concerned about packing on your own. This option is ideal if you don't like the idea of the movers packing away your socks and underwear but you still want help with some of the more challenging items in your home. You can make a list of the fragile items you want to have packed, or you can have the moving company identify items that need to be packed with extra care during your pre-move walk-through. Fragile-only packing is also a great option for families that can't afford a full-service packing package but still need some help preparing for the move.

Pack-Only/Unpack Only

Some people prefer to have their full-service moving company handle all of the packing and unpacking. However, this option might not be right for you. You may find that you have plenty of time to pack but not enough time to get settled, or you may need to move in a hurry but have plenty of time to set up your new home. No matter what the reason, your full-service moving company can offer its services on one leg of the trip only. This can save you a bit of money on the cost of your move, and it can also provide you with the more customized services you need.

Full-service moving companies can also customize their packing services to accommodate your needs. For example, you may need help packing up many of the rooms in your home, but you might want to handle your children's bedrooms or your closets on your own. Your moving company can create a custom packing setup that includes only the items you want professionally packed.