4 Ways To Save Money On Your Move When Hiring Movers

Do you want to hire movers for your upcoming move but are worried about how much it will cost you? If so, know that there are ways to cut down on your moving expenses to make movers more affordable. Since most local movers charge by the hour rather than the job, you'll need to find ways to cut down on how much time is spent moving your belongings.

Acquire Used Boxes

Moving boxes are not a one-time use item. Many people actually sell their old boxes when they are done with them to get back some of the money spent on them. Consider buying your moving boxes second hand to cut down on your packing expenses. You may even get lucky and find someone that is offering their old boxes for free.

When your move is complete, sell those used boxes one more time to make back the money you spent on them.

Pack Everything Yourself

While many movers offer packing services, this is definitely something you can do on your own since it doesn't require heavy lifting. Doing the packing on your own will take a while, but you are saving yourself on man hours that do not need to be paid to your moving company. This can easily cut your moving bill in half since an extra day will not be needed to pack everything up.

Placing Moving Boxes By The Front Door

The movers will need to move all of the boxes out of your home and into the moving truck. Many people leave the boxes in the room they came from, which leaves the movers with the task of walking through the entire home to get them.

You can save a lot of time by placing all of these boxes near the front door. When the movers arrive, the first thing they can do is unload all of these boxes onto the truck. With the boxes so close to the door, the majority of the items will be on the truck in record time.

Disassemble All Furniture The Day Before The Move

Do not wait until your moving day to disassemble your large furniture. It is likely that it is harder to take apart than you imagined, which can delay how quickly the movers get those items out of your home. Have all the parts disassembled and ready to go before your moving day, and your movers can focus on just doing the heavy lifting.

For more information, contact a residential moving company.