Packing Your Garage For A Big Move: Four Helpful Ideas To Consider

When it comes to packing your home for moving day, your garage can present a bit of a challenge. This is especially true if you have used your garage for miscellaneous storage over the years. With the right plan, you can get your garage packed and ready for moving day. Here are some tips you can use to get your garage ready for your next move.

Pack The Garage First

Packing the garage is a big job, and waiting until the last minute can make the task seem even more daunting. Consider making the garage the first area you pack. Not only can this give you a way to declutter the area, but it can also provide plenty of free space for staging boxes once you begin to pack the rest of your home.

Get Rid Of Hazardous Chemicals

Your moving company may have restrictions about the different types of chemicals it will move for you. If you have hazardous chemicals stored in your garage, consider reaching out to your local recycling center or trash processing plant to see if you can drop the chemicals off for proper disposal Do not throw any hazardous chemicals in your garbage cans or pour them down your sink drain. Some chemicals your movers might not handle might include:

  • Fertilizr
  • Bleach
  • Spray paint/aerosol cans
  • Kerosene • Paint
  • Pool chemicals

Ask your moving company for a complete list so you can pack accordingly. If you want to bring any of these chemicals to your new home, you may need to transport them in your personal vehicle.

Host A Garage Sale

Chances are, you probably have at least a few things that you need to get rid of in your garage. Go through boxes and containers to sort out any unwanted items, and prepare them for a garage sale. You may also want to go through your home as well, so you can put as many items up for sale as possible. This will help you to declutter both the garage and the house, and it can even give you a bit of extra money to use toward your move. Consider getting rid of old sporting equipment, tools, outdoor toys, or any other items that you haven't used recently. Getting rid of these large items can also potentially help you to save on moving costs, as some movers charge extra for large or unusually shaped items.

Use Plastic Storage Containers

Your garage may not be as impervious to weather as the rest of your home, which means that heavy rains or severe weather could damage items stored in cardboard boxes inside of your garage. Instead, opt for plastic storage containers. These containers can be easily stacked in the garage, and they also provide the added benefit of offering a bit of extra protection against pests that might try to make a home in the garage. Talk to your moving company about other ideas you can use to pack your garage, and get this area of your home ready for moving day.

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