3 Tips For Preparing Your Guns For Interstate Moving

If you are currently moving to another state, you may be unsure of what to do about preparing to pack and take your guns with you. Along with knowing the regulations for moving your firearms to another state, use the following three tips get your firearms clean and securely packed.

Clean Your Guns Before Packing

Before you start packing your guns, clean them to remove any skin oils or dust that have accumulated on the barrels and stocks. Oils from your skin could break down the metal, making the barrels rust prematurely. 

Make sure each gun is not loaded before you start wiping them. Not only does this prevent accidental discharge of the weapon, but it also makes them legal and safe for transporting across state lines. Even though they will be packed in a box or crate, traveling with loaded weapons may not be legal in some states, as they could go off accidentally on the road when you hit a bump or under the intense heat of being in the back of a moving van or the trunk of your car.

Once the guns are unloaded, wipe the stocks and barrels with a soft, lint-free cloth, such as a chamois cloth, clean diaper or mechanic's cloth. For an extra layer of protection, add a thin film of gun oil to the barrels. This repels dust and removes any remaining skin oils you may have missed. If you use gun oil, let the firearms dry before packing to keep the packing materials from sticking to them.

Wrap Them With A Soft Cloth And Bubble Wrap

Carefully wrap each gun in a soft cloth and bubble wrap to protect them before packing them in a box. The soft cloth keeps the outside of the firearms from being scratched, and the bubble wrap protects against nicks caused by banging into another firearm when you hit a pothole or bump going down the road.

Before wrapping, place a small piece of bubble wrap around the trigger to keep it from breaking off or moving if the safety is accidentally turned off. If your gun has a hammer, do the same to it.

If possible, wrap each gun with two layers of cloth to add extra padding. Then, wrap it with three layers of bubble wrap, and secure all open ends with plastic packaging tape. This keeps water or moisture from leaking into the packaging and rusting the metal.

Stack The Guns Properly

Once your firearms are wrapped, they are ready to be neatly stacked in a box or crate. Before placing the first layer, put down about two inches of straw to protect them from impact. If you do not have any straw available, use packing peanuts, but place a layer of cloth on top of them to keep the guns from sinking into the loose packing material.

Then, lay the guns side by side, alternating the directions of the stocks. This keeps the bolts, hammers or triggers from knocking into each other, which could damage the firing mechanisms.

After you positioned the first layer of firearms, cover it with another two inches of straw. If using peanuts, place a piece of cloth directly over them, then add a two-inch layer covered with an additional cloth. Repeat until you have packed all of your guns, ending with straw or peanuts over the final layer.

Using the above tips can keep your guns safe while you move to another state. However, if you have questions about the laws and regulations regarding the transport of firearms, you may want to ask your professional movers to ensure you do so legally and safely.

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